Here at Tun Tun & Tooney we take our business choices seriously. We participate in sustainable practices in order to minimize waste; we support human rights by offering equal opportunities to all to do business with us; and in our efforts to connect the world through fashion and philanthropy as we educate and support the different communities we partner with.


We see these choices as part of a work in progress as we constantly strive to improve in each of these areas.

I. Protecting the Environment:

  • Tun Tun & Tooney is currently switching to recyclable and reusable packaging options

  • Tun Tun & Tooney is currently developing apparel collections using environmentally friendly materials

  • Tun Tun & Tooney uses all material and products to the fullest and any waste that is still able for use will be recycled; any products that are excess to inventory will be donated to local charities (such as but not limited to Goodwill, Salvation Army)


II. Worker Rights & Protection

Tun Tun & Tooney insists that all product suppliers ensure that their employees work in safe and healthy environments and that their legal rights are respected and protected. Tun Tun & Tooney also shares the goal of eliminating child labor and forced labor.

  • Tun Tun & Tooney chooses vendors that comply with operating factories under which they promise to utilize legally qualified workers, pay them wages which are fair and legal in their jurisdiction, and provide an environment that complies with their legal requirements. Vendors promise to prohibit human trafficking and the use of forced, slave, child or prison labor.

  • Our goal is to work with the Vendors and their factories to help them improve and ensure rights and protection.


III. Ethical Sourcing:

Tun Tun & Tooney does business with vendors that provide products that increase their efforts to avoid cruelty to animals.

  • Fur-Free: No animal fur is contained in products; all fur is faux fur

  • Angora- Free: No use of Angora (rabbit hair)

  • Mohair- Free: No use of Mohair that comes from unethical farmers that abuse or injure goats

  • Faux Leather: No use of real leather; all leather is faux leather


IV. Community and Cultural Understanding:

At Forever 21, one of our core values is to encourage giving and  finding ways to support and connect communities all over the world. We are open to developing collaborative products with proceeds benefiting charitable organizations. When we partner with an organization on a specific collection, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the designated charity. Through these programs Tun Tun & Tooney wants to credit the makers and manufacturers in order to increase cultural understanding.


California Transparency in Supply Chains Act:

Tun Tun & Tooney is committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and we expect our suppliers to share this same commitment. We work on choosing vendors that work on improving their ethics by comply with human rights and protections; keeping proper work conditions, prevent abuse to employees, and prevent human trafficking, slavery, and child abuse .

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