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With roots in Hawaii; the so-called melting pot, Tun Tun & Tooney was birthed from the different understanding of cultures around the world. Hawaii is a place to live in harmony with others as we all come together to share about ourselves and where we come from in contributing to the community. Tun Tun & Tooney has mirrored Hawaii’s ideals of the importance of what culture and community bring to the individual and who they are. Clothing is such a big part of a person's identity and appearances make a big part in how we interact and see others. Tun Tun & Tooney took the opportunity to use fashion to tell our stories and have others join in cultural appreciation.

With great fashion comes great oppurTOONEYty.

Our Mission

Being YOU has never been easier. Fashion stems from culture. What we wear expresses who we are, where we are  from, and what we stand for. At Tun Tun & Tooney we believe that fashion is a way to tell our stories and to connect with one another. We believe that understanding where our clothes come from helps strengthen the bond between the people as they unwrap stories of history and culture. We guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. With clothes from places near and far. Tun Tun & Tooney will always help you be you and wear you.



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